Wednesday, 1 August 2012

a counting game to make

I saw this at work today and thought it would be easy to make at home. I used an old birthday card, some yellow card and clear book cover. Make a plate and cake shape, cut out candle shapes and add little flames to the top of the candles. Lastly, cover each candle and the cake and plate with book cover. 

The idea is to tell your child that it's someone's birthday and say how old they'll be. They then have to put that amount of candles on the cake. This is a little too easy for my pretty on to it 4.5 year old but it can be adapted to make it a bit more of a challenge or for talking about the meaning of the words younger and older,  eg:

" If the person is 7, how many more candles would you have to put on for when they're 10?"
" This person is one year older than 5"
" This person is 2 years younger than 8"
" How many candles would there be on the cake if the person was older than 7 but younger than 9?"

The 3 year old loved blowing the candles of the cake in between turns too : )

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