Thursday, 9 August 2012

displaying art

I think it's really special to once and a while put a special piece of art in a frame.  I absolutely love my kid's art and think it is important to display it in our home, it shows our children that their creations are valuable to us ( as they should be to them). Here's M's first ever self portrait, she's so proud of it and I absolutely adore it.

I've put in a frame and hung it on her wall, it will be joined there by many more special pieces in future. I've decided on white frames for her wall but thought I'd share some other fun ways to display kid's art that I've come across.

chicken wire and clothes pegs
washi tape
wide ribbon grid and clips ( lots of work!)
clips on wires
wall decal/ sticker frames
on canvases
on top of dressers or drawers
white frames
clip boards ( liking this idea for the boy's room- thinking mis-matched vintage ones)
frames with clips mounted inside
chalkboard and blue tack
take photos of the artworks, print, trim and mount on a large square canvas
same idea as above but in store bought multi frames
paint a magnetic wall and use magnets ( I also love this idea)


  1. some super ideas in there, M is so clever too - can I sit for a portrait from her sometime? I'd love that!

  2. By the way I still have your 'my mummy's a princess' picture! It is a treasure too!