Thursday, 16 August 2012

first day of school

I love this post found here: http://mollymoo.ie/. Gorgeous ways to show/remind your wee ones that you love them and that you're thinking of them on their first school days. I am going to do the little red heart on the hand one in 5 months and 19 days time- awwwwwwww

Written by MollyMoo:

The Kissing Hand by Motherhood on a Dime
Kiss his or her little hand and draw a heart over the kiss to remind them you love them throughout the day – sweet eh? defo doing that this year

A year-on-year funny little record of how my one and only grows and changes during the year

Pocket Hearts filled with your love
An enduring favourite idea of mine by CurlyBirds – for a quick reassuring squeeze during the day.
(she also created hearts for emotional first day mums and dads too here :)

A simple handprint craft I did with Molly for her second year at montessori. The teacher had her take it off (for conformity!) but it was on long enough to reassure her when reassurance was needed. (apologies cannot remember the original source of this image)

I like these Ideas too:

present from the fairies
photos of first days
lunch box notes

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