Wednesday, 22 August 2012

make a play pizza

This idea came from M and T getting a parcel today from Pop and grandma Bev. M took off with the box and came back asking for scissors so she could make it into a pizza box. I made them up a pizza each on card using a plate as a template.

They enjoyed talking about what they were going to draw on their pizza and M cut hers up into slices. T wanted his to stay as one big piece.

I love making this sort of thing. We played for ages. Some ideas we played with were to:

- pretend to call up and ordering our pizza on an old cell phone
- take turns being the delivery person and paying for the pizzas at the door
-pretending to eat pieces with really streeeeeetchy cheese
-play pizza restaurants
-host a pizza party for the toys

you couls aldo:
- draw up paper ingredients to add to the card base and play pizza chefs
- make up the same sort of thing but in felt so that it's more durable
-they'd make a cool pizza party invite (made smaller scale of course)

chocolate icing and onion flavour

onion, tomato, salami and cheese flavour
a squashed box from lots of playing
You could also go really fancy and make a paper mache pizza, here's the link thanks Molly Moo : papier-mache-pizzas

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