Sunday, 1 December 2013

strawberry mice, snakes and butterflies

Sadly our strawberry plants aren't going so well this year but our huge raspberry bushes have well and truly made up for it. I have never had a problem getting our kids to eat fruit but like to have fun when presenting their food- not everyday but occasionally as a treat. I gave them a strawberry mouse each after dinner tonight and they were a hit! Their ears are slivered almonds and their tails red licorice. I will be making more of these for T's 5th birthday party next weekend.

I hope these ideas make you smile and maybe lead you to treating your lovelies to something a bit fun and silly. 

The fruit necklaces would be great to make and eat when a wee friend is visiting  : )

strawberry mice found here

  butterflies found here

fruit necklace found here

sun pancake, source unknown

snake found here

100 and 1000s strawberries found here

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