Friday, 27 December 2013

my clever husband

We had a lovely Christmas and we're now looking forward to a week of having 'Dad' at home.

My mum suggested I write this post, to document my husbands 'cleverness' in the garden : ). 

Using old weatherboards he built a planter box in an un-used part of our garden. The bowling club next door to us re-laid their green after the quakes so they gave away the old soil. J must've gone there and back 700 times with his wheelbarrow to fill it with soil.

The garden sits next to the garage and gets lots of sun ( but today it's raining). We have tomatoes, pumpkin and watermelon growing as well as sunflowers and some other flowers he told me about but I've forgotten their names. I love the mini glasshouse he made using some old glass cupboard doors and the planting table he's made from bits we had around.

In the back garden we're growing potatoes ( which were yum for our xmas eve dinner), courgettes, corn, beetroot and onions.

the kids planted the sunflowers

home made mini glasshouse

a wee pumpkin!

love the bumble bees

that greyish spiky leaf is watermelon and the orange flower I'm told is "just good for the garden"

that pink flower is for my garden, he knows  I love the flowery cottage look.


  1. Wow how good does your veg garden look. Our pumpkin seedlings are coming along nicely, I cant wait for them to be a big as your plants.

  2. Clever husbands are great! What a great looking garden :)