Thursday, 5 December 2013

renga lilies

We got these seeds (free) at the Christchurch A&P show. At our place we have the 'native' backyard that my husband takes care of. He likes native shrubs and flowers. I have the 'non- native' front yard under my watch, because I like that cottage flowery look. I spend most of my time with the kids there too as it's where the hammock and their playhouse is.

The kids like helping us outside. Apparently we'll need to be patient with these as native seeds can take longer to germinate. I'm looking forward to putting them in the garden and seeing them pop up at the base of some of the bigger trees we have- they seem pretty adaptable to all soil and light areas so I'll be sneaking some of these into the front garden too.

image found  here

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  1. Looking forward to seeing them grow! they're so pretty :)