Monday, 23 December 2013

spoon bugs

This idea came from an art programme the kids watch called Mr Maker. There's a segment on the show called minute makes. These spoon bugs are supposed to take that long to make but M and T spent half an hour on this making and painting their bugs.

The instructions were to use clay and cut up cotton buds but we used plaster of paris and cut up pipe cleaners. An air drying clay like Das would be perfect for this.

1. Pour the plaster into the spoons and poke the legs in, 3 each side for bugs (4 each side for spiders!). We found that we had to prop up the spoon a bit to stop the plaster coming out.

2. Let it dry and once dry push the bug out of the spoon.

3. Turn it over to stand on its  legs, paint and add eyes.

I was going to give ours a spray of clear varnish but as soon as they were dry they were taken out into the garden for adventures.

I thought these would also make fun fridge magnets.