Tuesday, 25 September 2012


A post for grown ups!

vignette, pron [vin-yet] - “any small, pleasing picture or view”.  

You can't open a magazine without seeing a vignette or a thousand. I recently discovered this term so, if I wanted to, I could use a fancy word to describe the 'groups of things' I have always liked to have dotted around our house. Some may see vignettes as being constrained and a bit pretentious but mine aren't made with expensive things, they're personal, give a little snap shots of our family and most importantly, I enjoy putting them together. They probably still look like random groups of things to others- I guess it depends on how you see things- or if you even look : ). As you can see in the links below, it's a real art form for the serious designery types.

Here's some what we could now refer to as vignettes that just happened to be around our home. I like that I can change them (which I often do). I like that the kids contribute to them all of the time aswell. Some of our vignettes have come from me wanting to create order or define storage spaces.

creating a vignette expert tips:


Here's some I found in the www that I love, a google image search will take you to the source of each. I am SO looking forward to our house being fixed and crack free!

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