Thursday, 27 September 2012

drawing - this is so fun

I got this idea from an American Art Teacher's blog http://artmommie.blogspot.co.nz.

You just select and cut out a picture from a magazine. Glue it to a sheet of white paper and then talk about the image, for example for the Rhino one I asked M where do Rhinos live? What does that place look like? She then drew grass and trees.  Is it hot or cold there? She drew a sun. What do Rhinos eat? She drew a pile of straw and then, her own idea, a baby rhino- so adorable.

For T's I asked him where do kiwis and owls live? What do you think the owl could be sitting on? He drew a branch. What time of day do you think it is in the picture? (and why). What could you draw in the sky to show that it's night time? He drew 'darkness' and I love that he drew both a full and crescent moon. When we talked about the kiwi he drew it hiding in a bush and said " ssssshhhhhhh, you have to be very quiet around kiwis"- I love him so much.

I let them draw the second pictures out for themselves (with much less discussion). M drew flowers and a beehive hanging from a tree and T drew a water bowl, food bowl and a kennel for the dog.

This was brilliant fun for all of us ( I could listen to that sort of engaged, creative chatter from them all day ) so we'll definitely be doing it again.

Love that she copied the mum's tail shape for the baby
Full and crescent moon in the left corner
Kiwis hide in bushes
This dog has all that it needs! : )
Bees, flowers and a beehive (with honey in it)


  1. love this - so going to try it with my boys over the holidays. Awesome

  2. Too cute - baby rhino, dog in the kennel. Brilliant idea!

  3. Great idea, I'm going to do this with my daughter today!