Monday, 10 September 2012

fire escape plan

I admit, the idea of a house fire really scares me. I've just encouraged the children to unlock and push open the sash window in T's room, climb out and go and sit by the letterbox to wait for me. I'm hoping that doing something out of the ordinary like that and having lots of discussion around it might help them remember the message " get out and stay out".

The likelihood of there being a fire when an adults not here to direct them is very unlikely- but you never know. How many times have you seen stories on the tv about very young children being taught things and then later behaving in a way that's beyond anyone's expectations -like dialing 111 for a parent when they can't.

Yesterday our preschool gave us some pamphlets and a story that explains the message that in the event of a fire you need to 'Get out! Stay out! There was also a resource for making a family escape plan- which with pre schoolers meant talking about the nearest exits to each room in the house. M hassled me from the time we left pre school until this afternoon to do it. She was drawn to the little 'stickers' used to name the rooms, doors and windows in your home.  I'm sure you could pick one up at any local firestation.

Go and check your smoke alarms : )

You can download a fire escape planner here www.fire.org.nz/fire-safety/escape-plans


  1. This is great to see the fire escape plan in place. We've added some more information to spread the word to more New Zealand parents here: http://www.cavius.co.nz/news/fire-escape-plan-make-your-own/