Wednesday, 19 September 2012

beetroot coloured icing

I wanted to take something to a play date for afternoon tea last week so made a cake and took half. The kids have been going to lots of birthday parties lately and eating copious amounts of party food. It's got me thinking about food colouring ( as did our bread painting activity last week) so I decided to try out using beetroot juice to colour the cake and icing. The cake batter was a promising pink uncooked but it came out yellowy when baked. The icing however came out a gorgeous colour and it's not at all 'beetrooty' tasting. I got a little bit of wicked satisfaction knowing my kids were happily eating beetroot juice too.

We always have a tin beetroot in the cupboard/ fridge and also grow it in our vege patch so I'll be doing this again.

Where do you buy 'natural' food colouring from?

lovely pink beetroot icing

yes topped with artifically coloured sprinkles- but we're taking this in baby steps people!

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