Monday, 2 April 2012

tray play

The girl started Kindy this year and loves it. I love the ideas I get from being there with her too. They like setting up 'trays' filled with sand, saw dust, bark, stones, grass, rocks and sticks etc and setting up little play environments. They're on low tables so children can pull up a chair or stand to join in. Last Thursday after drop off I came home and set up this one for the boy. It was a gorgeous day and I wanted us to be outside enjoying it. I also wanted to put to use the big enamel plated tray I dragged off the side of the road once ( with lots of eye rolling and what are you going to do with that looks from the husband!). The sawdust is from the firewood we're cutting up- it may be treated so I'm not sure about it being ok for all kids but so far the boy's not an 'allergicy' type so I risked it. He added stones because he's cool like that.


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