Thursday, 5 April 2012


 I follow lots of blogs, one of my favourites is mousehouse. See it here:

mousehouse blog

It's written by a 'crafter' and mum of 3 called Megan who lives in Tauranga. She posted recently about her blogging and about how much she hated the thought that any of her ( many) readers feel they are less of a mum because they don't make all the stuff she does. Anyway, I like her words that follow and her blog is awesome.

"My blog is not a reflection on my day to day life, it is purely a crafty, creative space. Sometimes I might mention something or other about what's happening in my life or write a post with photo's of a nice place we've been but not that much.  I don't want my blog to be a diary as such, I want it to be place where I am inspired and where I inspire others I hope!  Of course most of the things I make are for my children but that doesn't make me this amazing mother!  I'm just someone who really loves to make stuff and gets so much pleasure from the process of making- right from getting the idea, gathering the supplies, working out how to make it, and then seeing the joy on my kids faces when they get it/play with it.  Being creative and sharing ideas is such a part of me and I get so much pleasure from it.

So please don't think I am this super mum with a perfect house because I'm not and I never set out to make other mums feel like that from reading my blog- I share things to inspire and encourage others to have a go at making things- not to go 'Wow look at me aren't I amazing'!  I just want other mums to get a little bit of pleasure and enjoyment from reading my blog and get inspired to make some things as well if they are that way inclined! I really really enjoy writing blog posts and wish I had more time for it as I could honestly write one most days.  I have so much in my head so I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog and know that it is just one aspect of my life and one that is a really positive and happy part of my life ".


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  1. beautifully put, I know for a fact you do not do your stuff for the 'look at me'! but for the sheer joy of it!