Tuesday, 17 April 2012

embroidery for beginners

I came up with this idea my self based on some pre school sewing things I've seen. My mother in law also gave me a box of wooden frames and I wanted to do something with them. First, I used a staple gun to attach some tulle to the back of three of the frames. I had a bit of an accident with one and it split on the side but I figured I could use that to demonstrate. I then asked the children to choose a colour thread they liked then tied the thread to the ( blunt) needle and a knot at the other end. They just went up and down and didn't seem to want to make a picture of anything in particular. I think this is an activity we'll come back to as it was fun and would be interesting to see what happens as their hand- eye co ordination develops- I also still have heaps of frames left over. Typically the boy insisted on using the broken frame.. sigh- not sure why but I went with it. Next time I think I'll use white muslin and I need to think of a way to hang them without seeing anything through it.

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