Wednesday, 25 April 2012

fairy house

It's ANZAC day today so we're at home spending time together as a family. We have been outside all day feeding the ducks at the park and now at home in the front garden. There's a tree stump that I will one day have the energy to remove but in the meantime I thought it might be a good place to 'display' something. M love Tinkerbell so I asked them f they'd like to build a fairy house, we went through my cupboard of things and they chose what they liked the look of, we also added to our collection of leaves we'd started at the park. It took about half an hour to make and I enjoyed being guided by their answers to my prompts ( eg...how do you think the roof should look?) or from their ideas...M wanted to be able to see in from the top so she came up with the idea of an open roof covered my leaves. T wanted a BIG front door but also wanted it hidden by leaves. I love doing this kind of thing with them. I love hearing their reasons for their ideas and watching them experiment with how they can bring them about. I had to take odd pictures as we still have a very ugly plastic temporary water pipe going across our front garden- it's been there since the Sept 2010 earthquakes and I imagine it will be there for some time yet!

Here's a link to a gorrrrrrgeous fairy house  dream fairy house


M wanted a sign

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  1. Great idea! I think the odd gnome might be in order too!