Monday, 16 April 2012

squash creatures

I remember doing this as a kid and being excited about the shapes that were created. I used some Resene test pots and paper from a big pad of coloured paper M was given at Christmas ( such a good idea as a gift). We folded the paper first and I put paint blobs where the children said they wanted them. I had explained the steps so they knew that the paint would mix and spread and make 'shapes' as it was squashed together,  "like a paint sandwich" M said. I let them dry and then asked the children what they could see in the shapes, they used vivid markers to add details and M and I had a little discussion about symmetry. We ended up with a butterfly, monster, volcano and a fly.

the volcano
lava is a must for volcanoes
this one makes me laugh!
only one wing has lines mum

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