Thursday, 29 March 2012

scavenger hunt

I was inspired by something my sister in law pinned today. Both kids love being outside and exploring. I was surprised at how challenging this simple little hunting game was for our boy. I love that it made him look more closely at his surroundings and also loved the look on his face when he found something. To set it up I popped outside for 2 minutes and gathered some things, took a photo and then printed it off. I attached it to a clip board and gave him a crayon to mark things off as he found them (which he loved doing). He did have tray to collect the things on but I don't think it's necessary to actually collect them- just finding them and making note of it is enough. While he was looking I gathered up more items for some more hunts. I'm off to a friend's wedding tomorrow so I thought the husband might appreciate me leaving some more hunts for them to do together- aren't I good to him? : )

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