Thursday, 22 March 2012

loosing your marbles

I thought I'd post this idea for people who enjoy picking up after their kids as much as I do ( heavy sarcasam). It astounds me how much mess mine can make in a day! Anyway, this is an off cut of plastic tubing from hubby's work that we cut to length ( we wanted a big circle) and joined together with a short stick of dowel and some glue. We store it behind the boy's wardrobe for when he wants to play with his marbles. It saves us having to look under everything to find them and having them make that horrible rattly sound when they go up the vacuum.  I'm going to do an internet search for marble games now. I remember as a kid a group of boys played marbles at the back of the field and there were rules and 'special' marbles. T just lies and looks at them and uses his digger and dump trucks to move them around.

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