Tuesday, 20 March 2012

dog shaped biscuits

My nephew turns 4 today, he loves dogs so I thought I'd make him some dog shaped biscuits as part of his pressie. I'm no baker but I'm always happy to indulge in a bit of silly cuteness! I found the instructions online. After making the dough, take half out for the faces and add bit of cocoa to the mix make darker dough for the ears. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter for the faces and turn the hearts upside down. Cut hearts out of the darker dough and cut each heart in half to make the ears. I used chocolate hail for the eyes and a pebble for the nose. Before balking I pressed a little mouth shape using a teaspoon. Some didn't turn out as well as others ( the pebble nose split open when cooking) so I'll keep those for us and he can have the best ones to share with his mum, dad and little brother. I think he'll like them.

before cooking
all done!

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