Friday, 23 March 2012

paper mache process

Most of the art/ craft things I do with the children take less than an hour to complete. They've come to expect that they'll have something to do, look at, eat, play with or show to dad every time. I wanted to show them that sometimes creating requires a patience and a process. I decided to show them how to paper mache ( there's a correct way to spell that but I can't be bothered looking it up). I knew they'd enjoy getting their hands a bit messy and it's not a tricky technique to learn. M has wanted a new wand for a while and yes you can get them at a $2 type shop but they'll just break like the first two did. I wanted to help her make something a bit more robust. T got one as well as he likes to cast a spell or two- my favourite being tonight's which was to turn dad into a frog and back to a dad sixty million times during the sports news! The photos show the steps which we completed over the course of a week. The paint glue was given time to dry between each step.

newspaper, watered down pva glue, bamboo sticks, brushes and black tape to cover any sharpish splintery bits on the bamboo.

make a shape on a piece of folded card, cut it out and tape it to the end of the stick. Tape the stick to the card too so it doesn't move around in there.

start applying glue and layers of newspaper, cover the stick as well.

paint white

add colour

add glue for glitter

spray with clear varnish

wave around and cast spells!

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