Saturday, 15 February 2014


A post for the parents who are as anti holes in newly painted wall as I am!

M is really keen on these wee zelf things. We don't mind as there's only 12 in the set, they're inexpensive and they're helping her learn to break her nail biting habit.

She wanted to display them, I recently gave my brother's family her printer's drawer- so with that option gone here's what we came up with for on her big pin board.

1. Find a thick sturdy shoe box lid

2. Rule a line on the side and along the top that is the same distance from the side as the edge, cut with a craft knife.

 3. Put masking ( or washi) tape on the cut edges and paint

5. When dry, pin to a cork/ memo board- done!

Would also be cute for lego figures or any other small items.

We also used an egg carton to make them a 12 zelf bed/ carry case with their own half flower felt blankets..the things we do! : )