Friday, 7 February 2014

a new to us stool

We've put a trolley in T's room for him to make and display his lego 'creations'. We don't have room for his red desk chair. Like lots of kids, he's MAD keen on making up things sometimes spending hours pottering away in his room, so this change is a permanent one.

He still needed a seat for his desk so I went to an op shop today on the look out for a wooden stool. Out the back of one shop they had a great one, a bit beaten up but perfect, all except for the fact that it belonged to the local Labour MP Offices next door so I was told I couldn't have it. 

Not being one to let minor details like that get in my way, I went next door and asked if they'd sell it to me. I was told by his secretary " just take it,  a gift from Clayton Cosgrove."  

Thanks Clayton. Its fits the bill perfectly.

I'm quite keen on its roughed up painty look- so decided to give it a good scrub and just paint the seat

all done, I love it

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