Friday, 21 February 2014

a duchess and a jewellery box

beautiful huh?
Recently, a friend restored a very special ( had it all my life) duchess for us, I love it. 
She buys and restores all sorts of furniture and while I was there I spied this jewellery box. While I was gushing over it and wondering how I could persuade her to it sell it to me she told me I could have it! How lucky are we?

The music starts playing as you open a drawer and stops when you close it. So sweet.

It got gold handles and a two coats of the left over blue paint we used in our bathroom ( Resene half oriental bay) and I think it looks perfect.


  1. I am pretty sure the duchess originally came from the West Coast? and I love the jewellery box, perfect for M

  2. Gorgeous! and the little jewellery box is awesome :)