Wednesday, 12 February 2014

sharing the love

I made these up with the kids for them to give to their class after school on Valentines day. I'm trying to teach them that giving feels good.

They're not my idea- just an adaption from many different versions I've seen on my internet wanderings, I do think the heart shaped lollipops are a cute touch though : )

Here's how we made them:

We took a photo of each them with their hand out like they're holding something. I went on picmonkey to add the text and printed them off using snapfish. I wish I'd gone to a instant photo place though as T's frame got cropped out during printing.  I went back to picmonkey to use hearts to blank out their names- just because this blog is public.

Using a craft knife I made a wee cut in the photo where their hand is and pushed a lollipop through. We taped them on the back and double sided the lollipop to the front too.

We got the bag of 50 lollipops off trade me for $10. The 50 photos ( 25 each) also came to $10- so that works out at 40c per Valentine,  pretty good.

A bit of fun that will hopefully bring smiles to wee faces.


  1. great idea to help with learning the pleasure of giving! Love!

  2. Way cute! what a great idea Becky!