Friday, 24 January 2014

plum jam

This is the first time I've made jam. I was inspired by my brother who made some a few weeks ago ( and his boys set up a wee shop to sell it to the people on their street). Some serious cuteness right there.

photo by A Healy

Our friend's next door gave us a big bowl of plums from their tree so we made some too.

It was reasonably successful so I thought I'd share what I ( we ) did.

T was more interested in helping me with this. M wrote the labels but she doesn't eat jam so not at all keen to try it. He can't wait to try it on his toast in the morning.

We used this edmonds cookbook recipe 

1. Put plums and water into a preserving pan, boil until soft and pulpy.
2. Add sugar, stir until dissolved.
3. Boil briskly for 18 minutes or until setting point is reached.
4. Do the test by placing a saucer in the freezer for 10 minutes. Place a little jam on the saucer and return to freezer for a few minutes, if jam is not jelled enough boil for a couple more minutes and test again.
5. Pour into sterilised jars.
6. Makes 6 X 350ml jars.
This how to test jam link

And this how to sterilise jars link. We got our jars from a friend but it wouldn't take long for a family to collect enough.

I also made a couple of phone calls to my mum ; )

So we have 6 jars of jam, 4 to keep and 2 to give to the jar and plum donators. It' s set enough to call it jam but I'll admit that it is runnier than the stuff we buy from the shops. Next time I'll probably add the pectin stuff mum was telling me about.

kid made jar labels
labels for the lids

it smelt amazing

chief tester


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  1. I love that you gave it a go - love the labels M, and btw - mothers always know best!