Tuesday, 21 January 2014

covering the kid's school books

This is something I really enjoy doing. Some parents don't and as a teacher I don't really mind either way.  I've thought about why I like covering our kid's school books:

I enjoying the cutting and pasting involved, I find it relaxing.
Mum did it for us- wallpaper and pictures from magazines and comics if I remember correctly : )
I like choosing the colours/ theme and patterns with them.
The kids like adding their own touches
They enjoy seeing the finished product ( I do them when they're sleeping for them to see in the morning)
I'll keep their school books as momentos, how they're covered tells us about what they were interested in at the time
It's one way for them to express themselves at school
Looking different makes their books easier for them to keep track of in the classroom
I hope that they will take some pride and care of their books as a result
I like using clear ez covers ( sooooo much easier than clear book cover AND they're reusable)
ez covers can be wiped so books stay cleaner

I covered some books in gift wrap from the 123 mart using clear ez covers for on top. The rest of the books I used patterned ez covers- just to save myself a bit of work ( not all of M's books are in the photo!). T wanted to draw pictures for his covers and M wanted to use pictures from old magazines and colouring books.

Each book has a photo of them on it - fun and handy for relief teachers! : )

my faves = bottom right the tiger and top with the magnifying glass x

faves= middle bottom with the bunny ears and the photo on the right taken in Wellington with mum x


  1. I used to draw and decorate my books and loved it. I only have one schoolkid at this stage and didn't mind going through the duraseal trial! this year we are personalising!

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