Sunday, 19 January 2014

a mud pie cafe

This idea for outside play was inspired by this picture, found here

We went to the local Salvation army store and spent $4 on a pot, cooking and serving trays, knives and forks and utensils. I had some old plates and bowls in the garage.

The empty sauce container came in handy and a couple of glass jars for special 'ingredients' ( for younger kids - just think blunt unbreakable things to be on the safe side).

Since we've had our house re-painted and re-carpeted I've been a bit precious about what they do outside, and then bring inside with them. I thought they were overdue for some reeeeallly messy play.

They had a great time and got really into it. There were even some special flourishes, all sorts of things were being used as garnishes!

For clean up we tipped the mud back into the garden and hosed everything else down (including them) took all their clothes of at the front door, had a wash and changed into clean clothes.

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