Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mr Mischief days 1-7

I made a softie mouse last year for T. I'm feeling a bit 'flat' about the festive season being behind us- but also want to look forward to all that 2014 may bring. 

Our boy starts school this year and although I'm a bit sad I want to encourage his excitement and build his ( and her) anticipation. From January 21st- Feb 3rd the kids will wake up every morning to discover this mischievous mouse's overnight antics.

Here's what he got up to the first 7 days : )

reading to the bed friends aaaalllllll night
joy riding in Barbie's car
hanging of the tv
playing with the toilet paper
pretending to fish for the fish!
getting into the weetbix
messing up T's undie drawer


  1. Awww fun - the kids will be loving it!

  2. You are so innovative. Love it! I bet they love waking up and checking him out