Monday, 20 May 2013

M's pretty bed

We've been talking about paint colours as ( can I get a woo hoo?!) we're having our repair done next month. M wanted pink in her room and T yellow. I can't bring myself to paint their walls in anything but a neutral ( I know, I know) but I've agreed to paint their beds the colour of their choice. 

About a year ago I won a metal bed head and end set off trade me for $11 that I planned to do up for M. They're not vintage, just 1980's copies so I had no issues with painting them. I bought a can white primer spraypaint and 3 cans of magenta spray paint from Bunnings and went to town!

The husband measured and drilled some new holes in the metal legs to allow for the bolts. M is over the moon and loves her new bed- it makes me happy too : )


base coat


a happy kid : )