Wednesday, 8 May 2013

don't throw that out- it's a dragon!

M's teacher gave her some books to read over the holidays. One of her favourites was this one called 'Don't throw that out'. It's about a resourceful little girl who rescues 'trash' to create a dragon.

I love it when our kids get excited about a book so I thought we'd take it a bit further and have some fun with it. We went through the book page by page and gathered up the things that the book character did.

We used an egg carton, some card tubing, a milk carton ( we used a small bottle for this bit) some orange sticky book cover, green card and green and red paint and brushes. I made the dragon while both kids directed me and kept me as close to the image in the book as possible. They painted it and added the red dots.

I used some paper tape I've had forever. Masking tape would work too as it can be painted.

We had lots of fun with this book and it was great seeing the kids excited faces and listening to them compare our dragon to the one pictured.

And the consensus..

" You did  a pretty good job mum"