Monday, 11 March 2013

pillowcase dresses

I'm not a great sewer but I can do the basics. I really like this easy pattern for a 'pillowcase dress'. I guess it's called that because for a little girl you could actually use a pillowcase to make one.

They're really good in Summer for keeping cool and cute in Winter with a long sleeved top and tights underneath.

Here's the two I made for M when she was much smaller. There's a link to some instructions for a similar dress below ( they used binding around the arms, I didn't bother). Once I got the tie length right for on her shoulders I sewed the ribbons onto the fabric- just because  I could see her pulling them out and me having to re-thread them. You could also use some of the same, different fabric or some binding to make the ties.

link here: http://www.craftleftovers.com/projects/refashion-guest-pattern-pillowcase-dress/


  1. Ultra cute! Sometimes I wish I had a girl so I could dress her up in pretty little dresses! I just have to suffice to buying them for my niece instead!!!

    :) Hazel

    1. Our girl wears a dress about once a month ( and I have to admit, I love it when she does). She's just happier in shorts or jeans : )