Friday, 22 March 2013

fairy furniture

On Wednesday T and I went to our local park. The oak trees are dropping acorns, T picked up the top of one up said that he thought it looked like a little bowl. I agreed and said perhaps it was for a fairy.

He then went around collecting all sorts of things for the fairies and biked home with his pockets bulging.

At home I asked him if he wanted to make the some fairy furniture with what we'd collected- he loved this idea and ran into our garden looking for more things to add.

Together we made a bed, a table setting and T made a shop. We had a lovely time.

the supplies
the feast table ( I used some bakers twine to tie the top together)
strawberry testing out the bed
lining up items for sale on the shop shelf
everything is tiny so you have to concentrate...
all ready for fairy customers
" fairies like red ripe tomatoes mum"
slept tight lemon

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