Thursday, 14 March 2013

gelli baff

Our kids got given this for Christmas. It's available here: http://www.crazysales.co.nz/i/gelli_baff_bath_pool_jelly_lava_blast_red.html

Parent Tips:
  • Gelli-Baff is totally safe. It's developed by the leading beauty and spa products manufacturer Gelicity Skin Technology and conforms to strict cosmetic testing regulations in the UK.
  • The goo reverts back to plain old coloured bath water so no need to worry about it blocking or clogging the drain.
  • Doesn't stain your towels, carpets or children. After adding the second sachet just rinse away and you're good to go
  • Goo Ingredients: Gelli Baff is a harmless powder which holds 400 times its own weight in water. A similar substance is used in disposable nappies. The dissolver sachet is pure table salt, the same as you put on your chips!
Do's and Don'ts:
For maximum fun follow the laws of Gelli Baff!
  • Not recommended for children under 5 years of age unless supervised by an adult.
  • Don’t put too much water in the bath! For maximum gooiness 5 or 6cm is plenty for an average sized bath. If you have a jumbo bath, use even less water.
  • Don’t add the powder while the tap is running. Pour the bath water first, turn off the tap and then add the Gelli Baff sachet marked ‘Step 1’.
  • Enjoy Gelli Baff sitting down. Goo is slippery!
  • Don’t eat Gelli Baff. It’s not nice. And just like regular soap, if you get Gelli Baff in your eyes it could sting, so make sure to rinse it out with plenty of clear water.
  • Don’t forget to wash the goo out of your hair.
 It's a fun ( and mess free) present. Here's a video of how it works.


And some pics of it in our bath, it's a difficult consistency to describe- like the jelly you can eat but thicker - fun!

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