Wednesday, 20 March 2013

a bunny bag and easter treats

We're going away for a long overdue break at Easter and will be sharing a holiday house with 5 other adults and our 6 kids. We've organised an Easter egg hunt for Sunday so I made these bags for the children- I think they'll appreciate them. I also plan to put bunny foot prints on the lawn (with a stencil and talcum powder) and make bunny and chick shaped pancakes for breakfast. I'll have just as much fun with it as they will and hope my efforts will be rewarded with a creme egg- or maybe even two? :)

At Easter it's been a tradition for us to give a little treat to M and T's pre school friends. This year M will make a little treat for each of her classmates. Last year T's preschool room were very sweet and let him hide the eggs in the playground for his buddies to find. Here's his story in his profile book

This year we used up some mini envelopes I had. My mum gave the kids an Easter stamp set I've had aside and I bought some stickers and mini eggs. I also bought some $1.50 gift bags but think we'll use T's red bunny basket as it's so much cuter.

another use for washi tape : )

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