Tuesday, 12 February 2013

school lunches

Up until now I've only had to fill one lunchbox, once a week. Now that it's a daily routine I've been looking more closely at ideas to keep things interesting- for them and for me. I'm enjoying making their lunches- it may not last ( as I'm only into my 2nd week!) but we'll see.

As a kid my mum worked hard to support us we were happy and well fed but I still remember my lunch being pretty much the same every day. I love change, I probably always have, I think it keeps things interesting. Our kid's have come to accept ( and enjoy) having their bedrooms moved around from time to time, no reason, just because. Yes, I'm a Gemini!

Anyway, here are some fun and easy ideas I've come across. They will not get fancy time consuming bento style lunchboxes everyday but I do think some fun surprises a few times a week will be the norm. 

A google image search will take you to the image sources.

sandwich sushi

add messages to milk bottle tops

hoo hoo
bear cookies
banana pirates!

a worm in their apple!

silicon cupcake tins to separate foods

butterfly baggies
love this

Look at these lovely Valentines day boxes- definately doing something special that day. The apple and strawberries are so cute : )

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  1. some brilliant ideas, might try one or two for you know who! feeling guilty I was not as creative with your lunches!! xx