Thursday, 21 February 2013

a treasure chest pinata- how we made one

My nephew turns 5 soon and he requested a pirate pinata, so he's getting a treasure chest. He's hoping it will be filed with chocolate coins! Here's how to made one like we did.

1. Find a smallish box,  cut out the sides and cut a small hole at the front. Run pieces of masking tape across the sides for the paper mache to be attached to.

2. Cover with 3 layers of paper mache and one layer of white paper ( I forgot to take a pic of that stage) or you could paint a base coat of white paint.

3. Paint it to look like a chest. I used some silver masking tape we had.

4.  Use the space at the front to thread two handles through. I anchored each end of these inside using 4 milk bottle tops.

5. Now the pinata is ready to fill through the hole at the front. I drew a keyhole image on a piece of tape for my brother to cover the hole with once the it's been filled.

We'll find another piece of rope to thread through the handles to hang. When the kids are trying to break it open I'll let the birthday boy know to hit the thinner sides!

I'll have to remember to get my silver tape back- I'm sure I'll have lots of uses for that.

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