Saturday, 23 February 2013

diy oops

When our earthquake repair does get done we have to move out. We thought it'd be a good chance to put new carpet down, doing any painting around our newly laid carpet is just asking for trouble which is why I need to paint the inside window frames now.

We have sash windows so I've watched lots of You tube videos and talked to lots of Placemakers and Bunnings staff members to work out what to do. It didn't start off well last weekend. I was chipping out old widow putty feeling very pleased with myself when I cracked the glass and had to pay $130 for it to be repaired! 

So if I'm posting less often it's because when I'm not being a mum, wife or teacher I'm gap filling, sanding and painting like a 'crazy have to get it done before the carpet's laid person'.

Stupid earthquakes.

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