Sunday, 6 July 2014

tissue paper lanterns

We went to the first Kids Fest event tonight- a lantern parade with fireworks at the end ( http://www.kidsfest.co.nz/event/lantern-parade/). It was reeeeeally cold but good fun. A few hours before it started I invited some friends and their kids over to ours to make paper lanterns. I don't have photos as we were too busy making them but we followed the instructions here. We used some long straws I found at the $2 shop instead of willow sticks and a glow stick instead of a candle. No candle meant we didn't have to make a cross at the base- and it wasn't dangerous! If you didn't make it this year go in 2015, it's good fun. There's something extra exciting for kids about being out and about in the dark!

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