Friday, 11 July 2014

loooove air drying clay

We had family here for the day yesterday. We had a wee bit of air dry clay left over and H was particularly keen to use it. I love this stuff, if you haven't used it with your kids before you should!

 I loved listening to their talk around it,

" I'm making a smiley hedgehog"
" I've got enough to make some spots"
"Mine looks like a penguin"
"What are you making?"
" My butterfly needs antene"
" I'm going to paint mine when it's dry"

I also love this picture, all happily creating.


  1. What a special time you had with them all. Where is Gus!?

  2. Ooh thanks for reminding me that I have some of this stashed away- I'll have to get it out, it looks such fun!