Tuesday, 24 June 2014

book week dress up day

I wanted to document this Tinkerbell ( from the movie The Lost Treasure) costume M and I made together for Book week at school. 

She wore a green top of mine ( recently given to me by a friend). I bought 25cm of green felt and used some for a leaf shaped head wrap. I tucked a red feather in it - just like Tinkerbell's. I used the rest of the felt to make a 'pixie dust pouch' and cut strips that I plaited for a belt. M didn't want to wear a wee caplet.

I was pretty impressed that M's dad insisted on making the pom poms for her feet. I attached each to a piece of felt and elastic that slipped over the front of her boots. Under the 'dress' she wore green tights and a green long sleeved top ($4.50 from kmart).

I filled her fairy dust bag with fine glitter and told he she could sprinkle it on people : )

I bought a donut for her hair to make her bun bigger. It's basically a sponge donut shape that you slip over a ponytail and then spread their hair over and bobby pin into place.

She had heaps of fun and won a book prize so the combined effort was well worth it.

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