Wednesday, 18 June 2014

bored jar

I have planned to do nothing for the first week of the school holidays. It might sound a bit odd but I want to spend time at home and let the children get bored. I plan quite a lot of things for them and would like them to make up their own fun more often.

Last night I made bored jar. It's just a whole lot of ideas written on ice block sticks. The idea is that when they recognise ( or tell me!) that they're bored they choose an activity from the jar. Even if they start out doing exactly what the ice block stick says... I'm hoping that something else may come up for them as a result- and then the real creativity will happen.

Some of my favourites...

swap bedrooms for the day ( and night)
draw with your feet
draw blindfolded
write a letter to -a book or movie character, a friend, your future self
go outside and look for bugs, find them, photograph or draw them and then let them go.

1 comment:

  1. What a good idea! I might have to try this with my boys. Although there is a good possibility that the ice block sticks would end up as part of a collage... oh well, as long as they inspire creativity!