Thursday, 10 October 2013

this girl I love

Daylight savings has always been a bit tricky for M, even with very thick curtains in her bedroom. She's ready for bed at 6.30, but like her dad she likes it dark when she's trying to get to sleep. Even the bedside light coming from T's room across the hall bothers her. She would call out to us asking when T was going to be finished reading books so that she could get to sleep. We found a solution recently when she discovered these in our garage sale pile.

She's worn them every night since, with firm instructions that later at night dad sneak in to her room, take them off her and hang them on her bed head.

She calls them "eye sleepers".


I love her so much.


  1. Oh so cute - and great to have a solution :)

  2. Tell her Nana wears one too! I don't like the bright light in my eyes at 6.00am!