Tuesday, 29 October 2013

kids market day

We had a garage sale earlier this month and M had asked if she could set up her own table to sell some of her things. She made a little money box to collect her takings in and had a great time, both kids stayed with me chatting to our 'customers' from 8.30 until it finished at 2.

I knew she'd love being involved with the market at school so with her permission I signed her ( us) up to run a stall in the kid's market section.

Here's some pictures of the 'treat for the birds' kits we've made up to sell. You can see in the picture what they have in them ( the little pottle will have peanut butter in it).

It's everything you need to make a hanging pine cone bird feeder. M has helped me all the way, collecting pine cones, shopping for pottles and bags, writing and photocopying the instructions. She also helped me bag up the seeds and put all of the kits together.

After the market I'll post some pics of our stall : )


  1. Love this heaps - such a neat thing for you both to do :)

    1. It was lots of fun. Let's hope our customers like them!