Sunday, 6 October 2013

the tooth fairy

The tooth fairy is going to visit us for the first time soon. M is busy eating gingernut biscuits and crunching on apples trying to get her wiggly ones to come out. I sent her to a friend's for a play recently with a wee purse in case it came out while she was there!

It has me thinking about what our tooth fairy traditions will be. We already have special little containers to leave teeth in. T's little elephant tin was my nana's and M's cute ceramic one belonged to a dear friend of my mums. 
I like the idea of a new toothbrush from time to time and a note from the tooth fairy but I'd like to hear what other people do. I know it's traditional but I don't really want to leave them money,  I'd prefer to spark their imaginations and have a bit of fun with it.. 

I'm feeling like I want to keep their first lost tooth- is that kind of gross??

What are your tooth fairy traditions?

I like this tiny letter idea

and this idea, I could probably do something similar on picmonkey...


  1. I love the photo-with-a-fairy-idea. we leave a coin with a thank you note like the one above from the tooth fairy. you might ask why this was necessary when claud is not yet 4? ever-clever claud had just learnt about the tooth fairy when i accidentally knocked out one of the teetch in the pumpkin face i was carving last year. she immediately grabbed it and ran off to put it under her pillow! i expect all future correspondence from the tooth fairy will make reference to orange teeth!

  2. Will have to think of ideas! Love the middle little letter one - oh so cute :)