Saturday, 20 July 2013

dress ups

Our kids ( like many) love to dress up and act out things. Their favourite role plays are 'camping' or going on holiday.  Here's what we consider to be great additions for dressing up/ role playing.

scarves can we wrapped around themselves, capes, veils, skirts or other things ie blankets for baby or laid on the ground for rivers, oceans or gardens.
beads worn around the neck or ingredients in a pot or bowl
hats and masks
bags an old cellphone, wallets & purses with pretend credit cards
wings bird, butterfly, plane even!
fast face changes ski goggles,  sunglasses, silly glasses
bowls and utensils for budding chefs
a camera to take photos to share at their 21st birthday : )
a mirror lots of giggles

What do you have in your dress ups?

he he

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