Sunday, 4 August 2013

a lace crown

A friend made their kids some lace crowns recently and I loved them. I googled some instructions and most involved fabric stiffener- something I don't own. I wanted this to be a no cost project so decided to try using pva glue. The final product didn't come out super stiff but it definitely held its shape. M is happy so I'm happy.

Here's how:

1. Make a card crown template of around your little person's head.
2. Cover the card in something plasticy so that the glue wont stick to the card ( I used wide sellotape).
3. Coat some strips of lace in pva ( by dipping it in a small bowl of it).
4. Lay the lace around the card crown and then leave it to dry for a few days- ours dried by the fire overnight.

the template crown

all 'pva-ed' up and drying

finished and what the lace looks like up close

model nerves he he
princess x
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  1. cute, cute, cute... how could I adapt it into something I could wear I wonder? Do link in to BMWB tomorrow if you want to

    1. a lace broach perhaps Miriam? Thanks for your comment, will link in for sure : )

  2. isn't she just the cutest! aaannnnd clever!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Leonie, its the things they love that I make for next to nothing that give be the biggest buzz : )

  4. Love this, Didn't know you could do this with PVA.... awesome