Wednesday, 10 July 2013

home made stamps

There's a great place in Christchurch called Creative Junk:

Creative Junk has a large range of recycled art supplies such as fabric, cardboard boxes, tubes & all kinds of odds and ends with unlimited creative potential! Fill a bag for just $5 (members) or $8 (non-members), and feel free to bring in your own reusable shopping bag and fill it with creative junk for the same price. 

When I was there last I picked up a pile of sticky backed foam squares... thinking they'd be good for something one day. I grabbed a big handful but there was a bin chest height full of them. 

I was inspired by this post by Mer Mag to use some to make some stamps with M and T. Mer Mag uses craft foam that she glues on with a glue gun.

My ink pads are packed away so I had to buy a stamp pad from Typo ( love that shop). You could also use paint for this.

Materials needed:

bottle tops, corks or wooden blocks
sticky backed foam stickers or craft foam and a glue gun
pen for drawing shapes first if you wish

T made me a little piece of wrapping paper for a friend's present


  1. I have been collecting milk bottle lids for this exact thing, how cool does that shop sound!

    1. : ) The bottle tops worked best I think- the cut shapes didn't have to be so tiny. We're about due for another trip to Creative Junk- I might make it a school holiday 'treat' : )

  2. Sounds like a fab shop! Great idea :)

  3. would be interesting to see if they could play noughts and crosses too!