Friday, 9 November 2012

sushi at home

A few shops ago the husband got us a sushi starter kit from Countdown (for $13). Both kids like sushi and like many parents I imagine, I get hounded for it when we're at malls. I had said that I'm sure it would be less expensive to make it at home. We made 18 pieces today with 3 sheets of nori and half a packet of rice- so it's definitely worth doing. The kids put the carrot, cucumber and chicken in and I did the rolling- which is not as easy as they make it look in the shops! 

There's a really fun Japanese shop ( Japan city)  in Cuba St mall in Wellington that I've been to every time we've been up to visit mum. Last time we were there I bought some of the wee fish soya sauce bottles and some pig ones - and heaps of bento supplies.

I'm bidding on a small rice cooker on trade me too, the rice I made turned out well but I basically hovered over it the entire time- not really ideal.

I wish I'd seen this how to make shaped rice balls posted by neat2eat on facebook as I have some car and fish egg moulds, next time.

I think M will enjoy the finding sushi or rice balls and a little soya sauce fish in her school lunchbox next year. Gulp. School.

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  1. after a trip to Japan I came straight home and bought a large rice cooker. 10 years later it's still going strong and one of the most used kitchen appliances we have. I haven't seen the rice ball thing with moulds though. I make a lot of sushi and I never bother with a bamboo mat.