Sunday, 4 January 2015

cat play houses

These wee friends come to live with us in a few weeks time...

This morning T wanted to make his friend a house to play and sleep in. Dad was at Bunnings so he picked up a box for us to cover. We used a glue gun and attached pieces of felt and polar fleece. It's lined with an old piece of sheepskin. T thought it needed a chimney and windows. It's bright and cosy and he's very excited about it being used.

M saw this house on www.aliexpress.com and had to have it. I let her as it was about $8 including postage, it suspect will come after we get the kittens but they also have a little soft bed each ( the yellow polka dot in the right of the top photo) that we bought from ali for $6 each.


  1. I love how you do these things with your kids Becky - so awesome :)

    1. Thanks Leonie, we're counting down the days until we get the kittens now